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Twitter Growth Hacks Part 2: A Twitter Engagement Strategy

Jackson Rodriguez

A Twitter Engagement Strategy

Twitter Growth Hacks Part 2

As you’ve begun to identify how you want to specialize your brand, the next key part of growing your online presence is to plan your engagement strategy. 

This is critical to growth because when you build your engagement, you reach beyond your current network. You discover new users and build relationships with an audience using your voice. This is a key to Twitter growth that often gets forgotten in modern day networking. 

Posting links to articles on your timeline is great but it should not be your only effort. If you don’t reach beyond your current followers, how will people discover you? Simply put - they won’t! 

This is key to understand because you are not supposed to wait to be discovered. It is incredibly important to go out and showcase your profile and ideas to those in the audience. Nobody is going to search for you, you need to find and engage with them. 

Growing your following can often be correlated with your level of engagement and here is how some Gainfully users have (compliantly!) used standard Twitter features to grow their online audience. 

  • Utilizing the search functionality to find and follow other industry leaders and influencers
  • Retweeting posts from their broker dealer and broker dealer marketing accounts
  • Quote Tweeting graphs, personal news, or interesting updates with a message of support
  • Replying to tweets with light-hearted responses and nothing business related
  • Favoriting tweets to stay involved with other accounts
  • Following a variety of different users to stay connected an build their connections

(Always be sure to check with your compliance officer to ensure that all engagement online is compliance approved. These examples are highlights and not an endorsement to proceed without permission from your compliance offer.)

As your following grows, the links you share on your timeline will have more value to your following and retaining your audience will be easier. This will make your reach further and provide a large microphone for you to share your value.  

This is how Gainfully provides financial professionals with more content then they often know what to do with. Having relevant content to share with your following is critical to maintaining your current audience and providing the framework for you to become an industry leader in your specialization. 

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