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Utilizing Gainfully to Specialize on Twitter

Jackson Rodriguez

Utilizing Gainfully to Specialize on Twitter

Twitter Growth Hacks Part 1

An unknown growth hack to increase your Twitter following is to specialize your account to focus on a specific topic and tailor your thoughts, ideas, and information completely around this subject matter.

Users want to follow accounts that interest them and regularly create discourse, present new ideas, and create insightful commentary on their interests.  

For example, Twitter users who are interested in the NBA want to follow accounts who provide insight into the latest news, ideas, and chatter. So, they follow accounts that regularly post valuable information and ideas surrounding their team, the league, or their favorite players. This is how sports writers grow their following to become thousands of fans.

There is an audience for everyone, find yours! Here are a few tips to help you discover yours.

  • Choose a topic that you can share as much of your knowledge as possible. You want to have a topic that you know so well, you are creating value for anyone who interacts with these ideas.
  • Search Hashtags. You post links with Hashtags, but do you ever search and engage in the conversation that exists in these Hashtags? It’s a great way to find users who want to learn more. 
  • Share Gainfully links to content that surrounds your specialized subject material. This is a win-win because each link includes more articles, a way to contact you, and a way to grow your audience. (We will cover this more on Part 2 tomorrow!)

Let me know how this works for you and we will be posting daily content this week to help you create a larger Twitter following and gain more utility out of specialization!

As always, please remember to check in with your compliance officer to ensure that any activity on Twitter or any other social media is permitted and compliance approved. 

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