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Twitter Growth Hacks Part 3: Compounding Effort and Consistency

Jackson Rodriguez

Compounding Effort and Consistency

Twitter Growth Hacks Part 3

After you have identified your audience and have begun to craft your engagement strategy, it is imperative that your efforts online compound in order to deliver success. Compounding efforts are something that are frequently overlooked when discussing online growth yet are incredibly important to your overall success. 

Let’s use going to the gym to demonstrate the value of compounding effort for both working out and growing your Twitter account. 

In this example, you want more defined biceps and you are going to start lifting weights. Would you go and exercise your quads followed by a chest exercise and wrap it up with a sprint on the treadmill? Of course not. You would focus on lifting weights that isolate, grow, and strengthen your biceps. 

While both might require the same amount of effort, only the second workout compounds your effort to reach your overall goal. So, why not do this with your online strategy and output? Don’t just post on your timeline to your current followers (quad, chest, and sprint workout). Focus on your goals (defined biceps) and build a plan to concentrate on how to isolate, grow, and strengthen that objective (bicep workout). 

This is how the most effective accounts grow online to become incredibly large and have made social media a reliable method to grow their business and generate leads from platforms like Twitter. They have identified their audience, consistently engaged with them, and made their growth online compound by focusing their time on users who are interested in their subject and want to follow them to learn more and stay involved. Their online networks engage in what they have to say and every Tweet is more valuable than the one before because the network is larger and the involvement is more organic. 

The purpose of highlighting the benefits of specializing in your messaging type to identify your audience (Twitter Growth Hacks Part 1) and how to properly engage with different media types online (Twitter Growth Hacks Part 2) is to provide a foundation that naturally compounds your effort as you grow online. 

Any company account can Tweet 200+ times a day. But, having a strategy to consistently focus on the same audience, messaging, and direction will yield results. 

Try it out and let us know your thoughts. Tweet @GetGainfully as we continually post new insight and ideas. 

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