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May Product Updates

Troy Holden

We hope everyone is keeping healthy and productive during these challenging times. We are proud that Gainfully can help your end-users stay connected with their clients as they transition to virtual workspaces. Take a look below for important updates to our tools and products!

Admin Notes

•Admins can now limit list and campaign sizes for each user at the organization level

    We now support per-user campaign limits including daily client emails quota and monthly client emails quota

    We display the remaining number of emails available to the user during email campaign setup

    When a user selects a list which includes more clients than the remaining quota, we display a warning message

•Users can now share a direct link to a card (look for pURL option in share card)

•Users can now view if a card has already been shared

•We've rebuilt the way we auto-order pages based on admin feedback

Bug Fixes

•Account delegation pagination issue where users with many delegates saw page load errors (RESOLVED)

•If you delete a topic, you cannot re-add when creating a card (RESOLVED)

•When creating a card using iFrame, it doesn't generate the card in the preview and shows an error (RESOLVED)

•Some end-users were not receiving messages from their org admin(s) (RESOLVED)

•Some advisors were blocked from previewing any card that was added as an image/PDF located in cloud storage (RESOLVED)

•Pages with more than 20 content blocks seeing load errors (RESOLVED)

•Intermittent email template analytic errors (RESOLVED)

•No content loading after new user sign-up (RESOLVED)

•Email quotas not displayed in admin UI (RESOLVED)

•Shareable links showing Gainfully CSM info instead of advisor (RESOLVED)

•Some analytics not displaying in dashboard or CSV export (RESOLVED)

Platform Activity

•2,500+ agents and advisors registering per month

•Two new organizations onboarded

•Hired Senior QA Engineer

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about managing your organization, don't hesitate to contact us!

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