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New: Client Email Campaigns for Advisor Networks

Cameron Nordholm

We're excited to announce the launch of client campaigns, a new client communications and sales enablement feature of Gainfully Presence. Client campaigns can be deployed by advisor networks and technology companies as the the easiest to use, most scalable, compliance-first email tool for financial professionals.

Campaigns can package compliance-controlled content cards and are tracked throughout the entire communication cycle, including replies and clicks, enabling your marketing and sales support teams to focus on creative instead of logistics.

Client campaigns bring to retail clients what are already available to B2B financial sales teams in Gainfully Presence while ensuring that these different data pools remain separate, compliant, and data-rich.

Personalized campaign templates across your organization

Deploy and manage custom campaign templates across all of your representatives and even deploy customized campaigns to support product and technology launches.

The control and flexibility your team needs

Key features and demo 

  • Insert HTML, advisor, and client level substitution tags
  • Attach pre-approved content cards with advisor branding and lead capture
  • Track campaign success at every stage, including send, opens, clicks, and replies
  • Block suspect language or prevent content modification entirely
  • Journal email activity to any archiving provider including
  • Track unsubscribes with full CAN-SPAM opt-in/out support

Want to learn more? Contact to learn more or click "Get a demo".

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